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Get to Know Us

A Highly Coveted Neighborhood

Situated in the intersection of East and Central Harlem, the 3 Coop Buildings and ~60 3 family townhouses are newly built 20-30 years ago. We feel that it is one of the most pleasant areas in Harlem. Our beautiful community has tree line streets and plenty of sun, and we are just 7 blocks away from Central Park and 3 blocks from Marcus Garvey Park. Our residents are truly multi-cultural and came from all walks of life. One would be hard pressed to find a friendlier and more inclusive neighborhood in Manhattan than ours!

At 117 to 120 Street Association, our homeowners are dedicated to enhancing our members’ day to day life and maintain our community’s high standard of living.

Area of the Harlem East Block Association

117th Street to 120th Street between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue. There are more than 500 families

Our mission:

  1. Advocate for economic development, safety, and clean environment. Present a unified front to elected officials to fight for these priorities, so inaction of officials will have real consequence. For example, we advocate for:

    1. More trash cans, more parking, more street lights, expedited rat remediation, 

    2. Less empty store fronts and empty lots, less scaffolding, 

    3. Reduce excessive concentration of drug treatment facilities and single men homeless shelters

  2. Build local community. Help local residents in need, esp. elderlies (e.g. home maintenance issues). Encourage residents in our block to get to know each other and participate in local activities. Support our local businesses

What do we do to further our mission? 

  1. Each year, organize 1-4 block zoom meetings to share info and a few block events (e.g. Halloween, Community Garden meet up, voter registration, block party)

  2. Actively distribute news regarding our area to encourage residents to build a community and improve civic engagement

  3. Organize/Support initiatives to beautify our streets and deter littering, rat control, …etc.

  4. Partner with nearby community organizations and block associations where applicable, e.g. Mount Morris Park Improvement Association (MMPCIA), Harlem Neighborhood Block Association (HBNA), Uptown Grand Central

How can you help?

  1. Follow us on social media. Most active is whatsappIGFBwebsite

  2. Invite your neighbors to join the block association by filling in this form

  3. Join our meetings and attend events, especially activism events

  4. Volunteer to become a captain of your building

How are we organized?

  1. The organization comprised of ~10 blocks, each of them are assigned 1-4 coordinators/captains

  2. There will be 6-12 meetings amongst captains each year to discuss matters concerning the block

  3. Captains are expected to keep your block’s contact list current. Recruit residents from to join our events, social media sites or your mailing list 

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