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Townhouse Management Corner

Managing a 3 unit townhouse is an overwhelming experience. This webpage aims to provide some resources to you.

Plumbing Inspection

Every 4 years, the townhouses need to be inspected by licensed plumber.  See this link for the regulation . Fill out this google form to join us to get the inspection as a group.  We have selecte to work with C James Plumbing & Heating.  Please call them and let them know you are from Harlem East Block Association.  Tel: (718) 716-006, Email:,

1833 Bathgate Avenue, Bronx NY 10457  (see below for other plumbers)

Filing Requirements

Rats and Trash

  • How to deal with rats: Read more by clicking here

No Trespassing Sign

  • Put up a no trespassing sign in your front gate to help deter crimes.  Click here for more detailed instructions

A list of workers who can help with home maintenance


ACM Locksmith 347 E 104th Street, 646-931-0298


Charles James (718) 716-0065 - used by several neigbhors

Vulsanki (917) 123-4567 - referred by Eva. Good quality for the price.

Lopez P&H Mechanical Lic 2334: 646 765 6232 referred by Diana Barros

Express Plumbing Gregory Sayers (917)731 7490 referred by Diana


Fabulous Roofing - Highly recommended. call Gino specifically. Reasonably priced. Diligent service.
Kamal Construction - Did the roof for Naeemah Adams from the 5th Ave block. 718-277-6267


Divergent - Elias at 917 335 7593. He does repair and is really an excellent expert. He does not do HVAC installation though.
NIKCO HVAC - Call Ken at 718 679 8198. Referred by Dorothy


Densley Ledesma (914) 309-7019 - Highly recommended by Leon Bligen "very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and reasonably priced"

Ronnie Archer (718) 216 0583 - - have helped neighbors on 118th Street. Responsive, professional, skilled and reasonably priced.


NY Locksmith Intercom 646 732 4570. Recommended by Maritza
Lawrence 646 404 3361 recommended by Bruni

Iron Work

ADW Iron Works - Call Alvin 917 733 7565. Referred by Dorothy
David Mendoza and Steel Welding - 929-427-4613. Recommended by Barbara
Paul Iron Works - Call Paul at 917 446 1835. Reasonably priced and ok quality of work. Referred by Eva.

Pest Control

24 hours pest control - Darryl Devose (646) 675 6719 - So impressed with how thorough they are and the price is reasonable. Unlike others, they don't ask you to pay month subscription.

Appliance Repair

Household Services - Call Louis. Great attitude. Good skillset. Work as a handyman but also licensed appliance repair. Fixed my leaking sink also. or 212 961 6546


Mario at 929-426-5342. Charges $30 per hour with $200 minimum. Highly recommended by Annie Lu from 117th Street.

Rohan Afflick 347 237 2004. He can do dry wall and intercom. Highly recommended by Steve Travis and Eva Chan. Very meticulous.


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