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Image by Svetozar Cenisev

How to deal with rats

Rat Handling Tips:

  1. If you see rat holes in tree beds, completely collapse the whole tunnel. Do not simply cover it up. If you see rat holes on concrete structures, use a combination of concrete putty and mash to seal the hole. (Rats can chew through concrete but not steel)

  2. If you see rat droppings or markings in front of your house, use 1 part clorox and 10 part water to clean the area thoroughly repeatedly

  3. Cut your plants so there are open spaces of 1 feet between the ground and your plants.

  4. Unattended rat box can become a nest and should be thrown away

  5. Do not put trash on your tree bed. Put them on the pavement. Remove overgrown weeds in the tree beds

  6. Get a professional to put rat poison. (I have good experience with Darryl Devose at 1 hour Pest Control at 646 675 6719)

Department of Health info:

  1. File 311 to report rat issues. Afterwards, email the 311 ticket number to to expedite the 311 tickets. File only every 30 days for the same issue

  2. The main contact for our block is Martha Morales and Carmen Negron. 

  3. Website:

  4. Resource guide:

  5. Please sign up for curbside composting: to save the planet and reduce attraction for rats

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