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Your vote in June can make a difference! 

In the June 2023 Primary Election for City Council, Harlem residents should vote to hold our elected officials accountable for making policies and allocating funding that aligns with our priorities e.g., street safety, fair share, and economic development. 

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In the past, the lead candidate won by a shockingly a slim margin.  A voting block of a mere 1,000 votes can change an election!

How can you help?

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  1. Organize a chat group in your building. Talk to your neighbors in the elevator

  2. Post our distribution to buildinglink emails

  3. Distribute physical posters (email us to ask for physical copies, or download the image file here)

  4. Invite a District Leader to your building's event, e.g., William Smith

  5. Recommend your building to join the Greater Harlem Coalition

  6. Run for county committee

  7. Vote with Harlem East Block for our endorsed candidate

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We invite you to vote with Election District 8! 
In 2022, district 8 has the highest voter turnout during primary election. But even so, less than 300 people voted.  Help us turnout 800 people to vote in District 8 and nearby Districts. You can sending communications to your building and hold events. 
District 68 Voter Turnout.jpg

How to get started? 
Check out these Voting Resources

Learn more about Harlem District Maps

NY Sate Assembly
New York City Council Map
NY State Senate Map
Congress House
ED in Central Harlem 70 Assembly District
ED in East Harlem District 68

Want to do more to help Harlem? 

You can run for county committee.

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